Physiological Computing

Initially a PhD project to define and demonstrate tool support for the development of interactive computer systems incorporating detectable human physiological data. Undertaken in the Computing Department at Lancaster University. PhD awarded 2000.

I coined the term ‘Physiological Computing’ in 2001 to describe a subject-specific workshop at CHI2002 (with Gillian M. Wilson of University College, London). Today work on Physiological Computing continues at the School of Natural Sciences & Psychology, LJMU and is headed up by  Professor Stephen Fairclough and Kiel Gilleade.

Schematic for physiocomp system circa 1999


BodyLab @ LJMU’s OpenLabs [29/ 02/2012]

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The Role of Electrophysiology in Human-Computer Interaction, Panel session @ IHM-HCI Conference in Lille [10/09/11]


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