a collection of creative projects

Bodge Zine


Liverpool Arts Lab

Ongoing creative collaboration
[2017 -present]

Evoked Potential

An ongoing photography conversation with Jane MacNeil. Based on the surrealist’s Exquisite Corpse

The Cassandra Complex

An autonomous, end-of-the-pier style Fortune Telling Machine

Propaganda Bingo

A game for learning about propaganda techniques

Kate Moss Eyes on Food

A physical cut collage series of Kate Moss’s eyes on adverts for food

Lomo Liverpool

A love letter to Liverpool written in images. Taken with a Russian Lomo LC-A camera and expired 35mm film

Drawing from life


Found Notes and Lists

Micro stories found in the landscape
[2015, ongoing]


Artworks of cut paper

Fab Collective

Liverpool-based photography collective who met throught the Flickr photo community


Handmade prints using linocut, collagraph, monoprint, blind meboss and intaglio techniques


Artists collective formed by PhDs and researchers withn the Computing Department at Lancaster University

Physiological Computing

A computing paradigm created as partial  fulfillment of a PhD project
 [1996 – 2004]


An affective interactive virtual avatar for use in public spaces. Created by Simon Lock and Lesley Peate

The Today Pages

An online community photoblag at the Computing Deparmtment at Lancaster University


Tangible Awareness Landscapes

Interctive, web-activated notification devices made from found objects

The Virtual Print Office

Virtual Reality models build as part of a research collaboration with Xerox Research Centre, Cambridge


Visual Thinking

[1993 – present]