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All black & white digital documentary film lomo lc-a+ photography

Oblique Strategies

06/06/12 Baltic Triangle, Liverpool.

Fab Collective shoot and social. The shoot was based on “Oblique Strategies” a card-based activity developed by Brian Eno to induce creative thinking through textual provocations. Over a 2 hour period I shot images against the following 5 cards:

“Tidy up”

“Take away the elements in order of apparent non importance”

“Be dirty”

“What wouldn’t you do?”

“Slow preparation. Fast execution”

The Training Station

11/03/2012 The Training Station, Prescot. Members of the fabcollective went along to shoot entries for the National Student Barbers Competition. These are some candids from the day.

Colour ‘Treasure’ Hunt

31/03/12 A photography ‘treasure hunt’ with fabcollective. The theme was colours. Inspired by David Shrigley’s Imagine the Green is Red I took some coloured pens and grey post-its along with me. I chose the colour yellow. I started off with simple idea of relabelling things. The idea evolved over the 90 minutes I was out shooting. Heres the result.

Disposable Camera

14/11/2009 Disposable cameras day. Fab Collective usually shoot with all sorts of fancy equipment. This day we all set out with the same model disposable camera and two hours to get through the film. I invested £1 in a pair of toe socks and set of to make a rough photo story.

Lark Lane

23/05/2009 photo-ethnography on Lark Lane. Film. Taken with lomo lc-a+