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Physiological Computing


1996 – present


Initially a PhD project to define and demonstrate tool support for the development of interactive systems incorporating detectable human physiological data. Undertaken in the Computing Department at Lancaster University. PhD awarded 2000.

I coined the term ‘Physiological Computing’ in 2001 to describe a subject-specific workshop at CHI2002 (with Gillian M. Wilson of University College, London). Today work on Physiological Computing continues at the School of Natural Sciences & Psychology, LJMU and is headed up by  Professor Stephen Fairclough and Kiel Gilleade.



Schematic for prototype physiocomp system, circa 1999



BodyLab @ LJMU’s OpenLabs [29/ 02/2012] Blog post

Physiological Computing Workshop @ CHI 2002, Minneapolis, Minnesota [21/04/2002]

The Role of Electrophysiology in Human-Computer Interaction, Panel session @ IHM-HCI Conference in Lille [10/09/11]



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How is the glut of communications devices affecting communication? Wired (invited comment) April 2003, Issue 11.04 [page]