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2. Hollywood Homeless: George

George is a slightly-built, weathered street drinker who told me he’d drunk in every public park in the country. The day we met he said that the people he meets on the street are bastards. I assumed he meant other street drinkers but he said no, ordinary people on the street are bastards. A few days later he set off down Wood Street with Alan and I in tow. He stopped briefly, rocking on his heels, and said “This project is called Hollywood Homeless, right? Well I’m Hollywood Homeless. I wrote the book. This is my life. I’ll show you what its really like on the street” With that he handed me his favoured project camera and for the next hour or so had us document a day in his life. He wanted to show us the world through his eyes. By the end Alan and I were both in tears.

Ambrose Reynolds collected the material from our walk to make this poignant video <a href = “”>Looking for Change</a>