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Body Labs



Today I helped run a Physiological Computing masterclass with Steve Fairclough and Kiel Gilleade from LJMU. The event, called Body Lab, brought together artists, developers and business people interested in exploring how real-time physiological data may be utilised in interactive systems design. In the morning Steve and Kiel gave a great overview of state of the art in terms of the research. Then we ran three technical demos to introduce sensing technologies and sample applications. I was set folks up to use the Force Trainer BCI (see below). After lunch we split up to discuss potential applications, keeping in mind the limiting factors of both the technology and our ability to infer user state from physiology alone.


Thanks to the team at Open Labs for organising and hosting this event. Also to the playful and curious who gave up their time to come along and participate. We hope you enjoyed it.


You can view more pictures from the event here