Andrine @ Art-Cels © Jen Allanson

Andrine is a manifestation of video art with computer and telecommunications technology. She was conceived to explore the interactive possibilities afforded by responsive virtual entities deployed in public settings. Interaction with Andrine is via SMS. Andrine uses a database, developed as part of a larger project on corpus linguistics, to parse a message in order to extract its emotional content. She then responds in a visually-appropriate manner.


Art-Cels Performance Party, Town Hall, Lancaster, UK. 10/ 05/2002

Cabin Pressure @ The Cabin Club, Wood St, Liverpool, UK. Liverpool Biennial Independents. 17/10/2004


Simon Lock, Paul Rayson, Jennifer Allanson (2003): Personality Engineering for Emotional Interactive Avatars. Proceedings of Human-Computer Interaction International (HCII03), 22-27 June 2003, Crete, Greece pp 503-506.

Further information:

lia – a light-based interactive avatar